Caleb Rulli, Owner

The quality at the Hershey Frame Shop crosses the generations.

Caleb Rulli is an expressionist painter and an expert picture framer. A native of Rockport, MA, where he has lived for 37 years, Caleb attended Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI, earning a culinary arts degree in 1998. He worked in the restaurant business for six years in Colorado and on the North Shore of Massachusetts and held several positions including Sous Chef at Greenbrier Restaurant in Boulder, Colorado.

Deciding that a career in culinary arts was not for him, he returned to Rockport in 2000 to work in his father’s small picture framing business, the Hershey Frame Shop. After managing the business for only a few months, Caleb realized that art was his true love and passion. This was not a big surprise to his family. Caleb’s grandfather was the late Sam Hershey (for whom the frame shop is named), a Cape Ann painter of some renown. Caleb purchased the frame shop from his father in 2006 and continued to build the business, studying gold leafing with Marty Horowitz, archival framing techniques, and period framing. He designed frames with an expert eye to detail and color, focusing on making them to enhance the artwork within. Caleb became a Master Picture framer.

He also became inspired by the thousands of pieces of artwork he had seen and handled and decided to study drawing and painting at Montserrat College, Mass College of Art and Design and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Today he works at drawing, studying composition, and painting expressionist landscapes.


Hershey Frame Shop provides beautifully designed and meticulously crafted work for a wide variety of art, documents, and memorabilia. In framing paintings and drawing for me by recognized Cape Ann artists, Caleb Rulli's discerning aesthetic eye always brings out the best in each unique piece. Caleb also has a genius for constructing displays of historical objects, whether a centuries old medallion of Benjamin Franklin, Ted Williams' signature on the back of cashed check, or the last letter sent from a local post office before it closed. I am delighted to give him and his shop the highest possible recommendation.

Michael Wheeler, Gloucester, MA

Hershey Frame Shop has provided me with quality art framing services as well as excellent choices in frame stock for over a decade. The Hershey Frame Shop work makes my work look its best. As I move my photography and digital art from place to place to exhibit it, the frames have held up. This is mostly due to Caleb's careful selection of an attractive yet tough frame moulding stock.

Adrian Lauterstein, Rockport, MA

Caleb Rulli, of the Hershey Frame shop, has been framing large and small pieces for me for years, providing museum-quality work. Rulli recently restored an old frame for our Lillian Wescott Hale portrait. He always spends time helping make artistic, archival and practical decisions regarding framing, and the work is always superb. The Hershey Frame shop is a Rockport secret treasure.

Heather Atwood, Rockport, MA

To a serious collector, Caleb is indispensable and highly recommended, He not only has technical expertise and reasonable prices, but also a sensitive and knowledgeable eye for what frame is historically accurate and amplifies the best features of a piece of art. A rare combination not found among many of the better known framers, even in New York and Boston.

J.S. Newberry, Beverly Farms

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